Is My Cat Pregnant?: Don’t Panic!

Is My Cat Pregnant

Sometimes is hard to know what is happening underneath all that fur.

The good part is that there are signs that can let you know if your cat is pregnant.

Tody I’ll show you how.

So let’s get to it!

Whether you’ve a female cat that hasn’t been spayed, chances are you’re comfortable with the heat cycle that happens and how often your cat experiences it. A break in the cycle could mean your cat is pregnant, but you can find other symptoms which may be signs of an imminent arrival of tiny furballs.


Aside from the heat cycle transforming, your cat can have been already outside, escaped or been around a male cat which wasn’t neutered. Vomiting, abdomen increases in size or abdomen begins hanging lower.


Your veterinarian can analyze the cat and confirm maternity by feeling the stomach cautiously, and performing an ultrasound or hormonal evaluation.

So what happens next?

The total time of the pregnancy is around 9 weeks, but might differ. After the pregnancy was verified, you need to find out what to do based on how far over the cat is in her maternity.

But that’s not it!

One alternative is abortion and may be discussed with your veterinarian on its ability and availability, and prepare to discuss this conclusion with a few other members of the family.

is my cat pregnant or fatNo?

Another option is to let your cat to go to complete term and deliver the kittens. If you do choose to allow the maternity to go to term, make preparations for the kittens care in your home or contact local shelters or savings to make arrangements.


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Assuming you have had the veterinarian checkup and have mentioned vaccinations and medical concerns, you will next need to look at dietary needs.

What am I talking about? Well…

Your pregnant cat requires a diet rich diet during her maternity and fresh, clean water at all times. As you get closer to her birth, put in a top quality food. Your cat will likely eat more frequently, but in less amounts, therefore get ready for multiple feedings through the day.


Keep your cat indoors in this time to minimize risks to her and her fetuses. Not every maternity goes as planned, and you’ll find several risks involved that you should be ready to address with a trip to the closest animal emergency facility.

A word of caution:

Eclampsia is a life threatening situation with signs like uneasiness, pacing, panting, drooling, lack of coordination, muscle spasms or seizure like activities. Signs that this might have happened might include fever, bleeding, behavioural changes or other changes.


Resorption happens when the mother’s body absorbs the dead fetus. Any of those instances are significant and need to be resolved by a veterinarian immediately.

Did You Know?

Cats might skip a heat cycle and can even show signs of pregnancy without having a baby. Naturally aborted fetuses can be eaten by the mother.

Cat Pregnancy Length

is my cat pregnant or just fat

The cat gestation cat is generally defined in most textbooks as: the number of days between an effective mating as well as the birth or parturition of the completely developed kittens.

In other words:

A successful mating, also called a breeding pair, is a mating among male and female cats that leads to the ovulation of eggs from the female cat’s ovaries as well as their fertilization with male spermatozoa in the oviducts of the uterus tract. Dependant upon which textbook you read, the cat pregnancy period is normally stated as being somewhere within 61 and 69 days long, with a mean of 63 to 66 days.

To begin with:

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The reason behind the large variance in the figures stated for the duration of the cat pregnancy period is the nature of the felidae reproductive cycle itself. Female cats are induced ovulators, meaning which they need the mating stimulation of a male cat if they’re to ovulate their ova in their uterus tract for fertilisation.

is my cat pregnant quizIn general:

Several matings are needed, often over a period of days, prior to the female cat is stimulated enough to ovulate her eggs. It is uncommon for one mating among male and female cats to cause ovulation successful ovulation.

Then what happens?

Once enough mating stimulation was supplied, it typically requires the female cat an additional 24-52 hrs after the successful mating to discharge the eggs to the uterus tract. It’s since the cat gestation period is defined utilizing a starting place of: an effective mating that the wide variance in stated felidae gestation periods exists.

In short:

Female cats frequently require many matings over many days so as to ovulate and to become pregnant and the cat breeder can call it a succeed, frequently can’t tell where to start the count from.

It’s easier than you think.

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So now you are all set!

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