How To Ride A Horse: The Easiest Way

How To Ride A Horse

Riding a horse can be scary if you don’t know how to do it.

But it should be fun!

We have the easiest way for you to learn.

Let me show you how.

Finding out how to ride a horse well can be a lifelong study. Here you’ll learn your basics of good horsemanship to get your basis correct from the start.

First of all:

This rider can be going English, but the bases of body position are the same for western or another fashion you opt to ride.


Let’s take a look at this image that shows the correct alignment for riding.

Whenever you ride a horse, you ought to be capable to draw a straight line throughout the ear, shoulder, hip, and heel. It’s possible for you to see that the heel in this image is a bit forward from what’s ideal, but sustaining perfect alignment is not as simple as it seems.

How to do it correctly?

If you find you’ve rounded shoulders, lifting up from the sternum and opening space in the ribs can be better that trying to sit up Stock directly with your shoulders back. You need to sit on the sit bones without rounding or overarching the low back.

Let me explain:

Beginning horse riders have a tendency to have legs which aren’t secure in their position. That’s okay while you’re learning, but you do not wish to make bad leg position a custom. It may take awhile to find out how to develop a strong leg position. The low leg may are likely to slip too far forwards, or too far back.

how to ride a horse first time


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Both of those extremes might cause you to become unseated more readily, and will make it more challenging for you to efficiently communicate with your horse. The ball of the base is the widest part of the base just behind the toes.

And remember:

For safety, you will need the right set of boots which are designed for riding. Keeping the ankles flexed and the heels down absorbs shock from the ride and certainly will keep you secure by not allow your foot to slip throughout the stirrup.


The hands must be kept about 6 inches above and in front of the pommel of the saddle like their can be an imaginary box.

Fact is:

When you learn to ride a horse, beginners have a tendency to hold their hands too much. Another difficult thing to learn is to maintain the hands steady at all times.


This is very important since moving the hands a lot of may jab your horse in the mouth with the bit. There should additionally be a directly line from the elbow to the bit. To keep the reins correctly, make a fis you pass them through. Then adjust and put the little finger on the outside therein as shown. Hold your wrists skinny side up with the thumbs on top.

Simple Horse Riding Tips

how to ride a horse instructions

It may look such as the horse is getting all of the exercise, nevertheless it may take equilibrium, strong legs, as well as a stable core to remain in the saddle.

To begin with:

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Since people first hopped to the saddle around 3500 BCE, horses plus individuals happen to be inseparable partners in crime. When the car got popular in the late 1800 s, horses became used for diversion, not work.


English tack is smaller and not as bulky, that makes to get closer contact between the horse plus rider. Squeezing the horse to change paces works the interior upper thighs, while sitting tall and directly in the saddle uses the back, abdominals, plus legs.

And get this:
When meeting a horse for the 1st time, constantly remain towards the front plus if possible, the left side. Horses have little brains, and they have been trained to expect human action from the left side.

how to ride a horse step by step

Here’s the thing:

When conducting a horse, stand to the left of their mind and keep the long leather straps, named reins, with the right hand under the chin and with the left hand slightly down the length of the reins to ensure they do not drag on the earth. All horses, even the best trained steady pony, are of course prey animals and genetically predisposed to operate when they sense danger.


For that reason, it is always a wise idea to approach a horse confidently from the front, talk quietly and calmly, calm voice, and avoid sudden moves or noises. An instructor will assist with this process, but even beginners may ensure that the saddle doesn’t slide around, that the brackets are the correct length, plus that the straps on the bridle are tight, but do not restrict the horse’s breathing.

So stick with me here:

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Getting on a horse without aid may be difficult, therefore look for a mounting block, which appears like a miniature sets of steps. After the block is put on the horse’s left side, place the reins over the horse head.


Stick the left toe in the stirrup. Put the right hand on the rear of the saddle, and lightly hoist yourself straight up, swing the right leg cautiously over the horse’s back. Once one leg is on each side of the horse, take a seat gently in the saddle and put the right foot in the right stirrup. Most horses have four progressively faster gaits: walk, trot, canter, and gallop.

It’s easier than you think.

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Now go out and do it!

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