How Long Do Cats Live: The Amazing Truth

The Amazing Truth About How Long Do Cats Live

Let me guess.

Since you were a little kid you were told that cats have 7 or 9 lives.

Why do they told us that?

In reality, cats don’t have that many lives.

But then… How long do cats live?

Well, my friend, brace yourself because you are about to find out.

Let’s get started!

If you maintain your cat indoors, provide quality medical care, and depending upon the cat genetics, it is very possible she might live to the ripe old age of two decades old. It’s becoming more common and heard about all of the time, especially with the wonderful advances in veterinary treatments and drugs.

Just don’t forget:

Once he’s between 8 and ten years old, he must be treated as a senior cat. Yearly exams can be upped to every six months by the recommendation of the vet. Be alert to changes in behaviour and routines she typically follows. Quality nutrition and special diets might help prevent health problems.

how long does a cat live for

But that’s not all!

Veterinarians might prescribe specific foods to improve or strengthen certain problems, like diabetes mellitus, arthritis, renal failure, dental disease, etc.


Cat’s eyes may become cloudy as they age and their vision may be affected. They could feel vibrations so do not sneak up on them.

So what can you do about it?

Let them know you are approaching with heavy footsteps. Help them maintain themself clean by cleaning and possibly using the disposable wet materials.


There are meds a veterinarian can suggest to alleviate a few of their pain and stiffness. Try your best to brush their teeth with cat tooth paste or use medicated dental wipes.

More choices:

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Give dental treats, dental playthings, maybe attempt the mouth sprays or the drops to get the water to assist their teeth and gingiva be as healthful as possible. The veterinarian may do a thorough teeth cleaning, too, however it involves anesthesia.

And guess what?

There are lots of fun, emotionally challenging games and playthings accessible that do not require the cat to be very athletic, but let gentle batting as well as physical moves.


Use your best judgment on many of those issues many people may observe modifications for a day to many days to assist ascertain the earnestness and see if they only returns to normal perhaps the situation rectified itself.

Elderly Cat Health Problems

how long does a cat live with fip

Cats normally go to the bathroom like clockwork, so if your cat is not it might be an indication that you need to make a visit to the veterinarian as it may be an indicator of something more serious.

But first a warning:

Typically, you will note that your cat isn’t utilizing the litter box as frequently as he typically does. If he’s able to go, he can be passing feces which are hard and dry, though in several cases, small quantities of liquid can be passed instead.


While cat constipation is not a life threatening problem, it may be painful and very disagreeable for your cat as well as it is one of those cat health issues which could increase or be an indicator of something more menacing.

So what am I talking about?

Your cat might not be receiving sufficient to drink or his diet is really low in fiber. Like antihistamines and anti-biotics, may cause constipation as well. An obstruction in the colon because of a hairball, tumor or birth defect may cause constipation. Metabolic problems, including low potassium and kidney failure.


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There are other circumstances where the main cause of cat constipation is unknown. Something like simple as a dirty kitty litter box may clog up your cat, as it is causing him stress. Certainly, the fact that the cat is having difficulties passing excreta is a strong sign of constipation.

And it gets worse:

Your cat could also vomit, shed weight or attempt to use a spot aside from the litter box to ease himself. An occasional bout of constipation is not unusual. If it carries on, you will need to see a veterinarian.

how long does a cat live with kidney failure

Be warned:

There might be a more severe cat health problem in danger for instance your cat can happen to be injured or had a collision you will not be aware of.

So what’s the magic formula?

In many cases, you can try to use an over the counter remedy, such as Pet Alive’s Natural Moves, which is a herbal and cell salt remedy, Pet Essences Digestion/Assimilation Flower Essences, which is a homeopathic cure, and Natural Pet’s Laxaherb, another natural cure that uses herbs and a glycerin base to help move things along.

But you know what else?

Among the best ways to treat cat constipation is really to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

For example:

Brushing your cat on a regular basis can reduce the frequency of hairballs and also the size. In case your cat is on an eating plan of dry food, you will want to put in a teaspoon of olive oil a pair times a week.

In addition to that:

Increased water consumption along with a high fiber diet might also do the trick. To make sure that your cat is consuming enough, be sure you maintain your cat water bowl full of clean water.

It couldn’t be easier.

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Now, put it in practice!


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