How Do Dogs Get Fleas: The Ultimate Revelation

The Ultimate Revelation Of How Do Dogs Get Fleas.

It is not just to sad to see your poor dog scratching like crazy, but to know there is such a disgusting insect like the fleas in your house it’s scary and frustrating!

Does this sound familiar?

Well… What if I tell you I know the easiest way to prevent these bloodsucking pests to invade your dog and your home.

Today I will show you how to prevent these parasites from moving with you and your dog.

So let’s get down to it!

If you’re a dog owner who’s coping with a flea infestation for the 1st time, it is most likely since you’ve been very careful about flea prevention. Yet despite your best attempts, your dog has become afflicted with these pesky insects.


Even when your dog remains close to home, fleas as well as ticks are canny animals, plus they’ve ways of making it to your home and on your pets, even with preventions in position.

But beware:

All it can take is a couple of fleas to get established in your lawn to create a full scale invasion of your yard, your pet, as well as your home.

how do dogs get fleas and ticks

Let me say this straight:

There is no way to maintain every wild animal from the yard – not really with a tall fence. No lawn is an island unto itself, as well as squirrels, raccoons, along with other little rodents will find ways to get in your yard, taking fleas and ticks along with them.

And you know what?

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The more visitors you’ve to your yard, the greater the possibility of an infestation arriving on the rear of another animal. Feral cats roaming your property will also be companies of fleas and ticks. This can be one reason not to promote wildlife to come into your dog domain by leaving out offerings like corn, nuts, and seeds.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Even a bowl of water, left out for when your pet is outside, is an invitation for some other animals to hang about. You or your human visitors may also be unsuspecting companies of fleas and ticks.

And guess what?

ANYONE coming to your home might be a provider of fleas. They can be brought in from the individual’s own home or pet without their knowledge. If you like to spend some time hiking in areas where fleas as well as ticks are common, it is easy for a couple of to hitch a ride on your trousers leg, socks, shoes, etc.


These organisms are well adapted at finding methods to attach to possible hosts so as to find their next blood meal. Anytime your pet is out into the world – even when only for short walks around the block, play dates at the local pet park, a visit to the vet, a stint at the boarding kennel, a trip to the groomer, a ride in the vehicle, etc.

How to Prevent Fleas

Preventing fleas on your dog is an essential concern, as these bloodsucking pests may cause the beloved Best Man’s Friend lots of pain and suffering as well as distribute to your furniture and bedding.

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And it gets worse!

Fleas may also cause your dog serious health problems, like skin infections and parasitic worms.

So what can you do about it?

In case your dog does get infested with fleas, it is simple enough to make use of Frontline for dogs to take care of the issue immediately. The most effective thing to do is to prevent flea infestations all together and keep your dog to get fleas in the first place. Your dog can’t prevent fleas by itself, therefore it is checking on you to assist look after its well-being and save it from its suffering.

But how?

Frontline for dogs is quite successful at looking after flea issues and it may be used every three or four months to stop fleas from deciding on your dog’s fur. It is essential that you continue the treatments because otherwise the merchandise will wear off as well as your dog will be susceptible to catching fleas.


Frontline for dogs includes fipronil, which is a strong factor that may cease the spread of fleas before it begins. Be sure that you make use of the Frontline for dogs merchandise and don’t use any flea treatments that are designed for cats on your dog.

Want to know the best part?

When you use Frontline for dogs, any fleas may be killed within 24 to 48 hours. Fleas are extremely quickly spread in one animal to another, therefore if your friend pets have fleas, be certain to stop your dog from having any contact with them until they’re treated.

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When is the last time you washed the dog bed where your pet sleeps, or the couch where he likes to sit throughout the day?

Washing and vacuuming on a regular basis is a good way to stop the spread of fleas. If any fleas have started to develop they’ll already have transferred eggs or larvae in these places as well as wash or vacuuming will probably get rid of them.


Make certain you make use of the hottest setting on your washer and a good detergent. If you’re vacuuming, make certain you take the vacuum bag outside to empty it in order that you’ll not distribute the fleas elsewhere in the home. It can take a bit of work as well as special care to stop your dog from getting fleas

So take the next step!

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Do that and you and your dog will live happily ever after….

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