Everything You Need To Know About Choosing A Dog Breed

Choosing A Dog Breed

What type of dog is more suitable for me?

Perhaps that is your first question when it comes to deciding about taking a dog home.

That is the beginning of the interesting and exhaustive process of choosing a dog breed. It will be an interesting search of that “ideal” breed, but at the same time it will turn into a tremendous responsibility.

You want to make a good choice and definitely want that dog-master relationship to be a perfect one. So, it will be good for you to know that there are many options to choose from, and here your questions will be answered.

Before making a decision you should consider some key factors that will start you off slowly but surely.

Why Do You Want A Dog?

Photo by: Dallas Krentzel

Think seriously: why do you want to have a pet? Write down anything that you may have in mind….” I want to have a dog so that my children may have a companion.”, or “I’d like to have a dog who can fetch for my slippers”, that’s a good one!, just kidding.

The point is that you will definitely enjoy this exercise, an excellent way to start your analysis. Remember that there are many breeds to choose from and by answering your own questions you will begin to create that impression of the dog you want to adopt.

What’s Your Daily Routine?


Take your time , think and write down about your typical daily routine. If you are a busy person, who lives alone, it will be hard (yet not impossible) for you and your dog to foster a healthy relationship.

A dog needs your attention and care, even more when he is still a puppy. Therefore, it is not recommendable to leave him alone for a long period of time. He may suffer from separation anxiety and might simply make a mess out of you home, just because he is bored or he may even hurt himself.

To give you an example, Hound dog breeds and Sporting dog breeds demand a lot of daily exercise. They always need some kind of work to do because they are bred to do exactly that: work. If you do not keep them busy, they will spend their free time getting into some kind of trouble.

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When getting home from work, you might get mad at your pet because your house has been “vandalized”. And who wouldn’t? The curious thing is that dogs, in this case, do not know why you are yelling at them.

It gets better:

Another important thing: it takes time to train a dog. The first year is the crucial time to do so. You will find out why as he grows up.

If you are not in control of your dog right from day one, he will probably end up in an animal shelter or in a city pound.

Children Under 5?

Photo by: Andrea Arden

We all know that bringing up a child is no easy task. Imagine having to take care of two at the same time, your child and your puppy.

Five year old children do not understand how to play with a dog and could accidentally harm him while playing. Even worse, the dog could bite the child trying to defend himself and the whole situation might get out of hand.

Toy dog breeds are not recommendable for families with small children. This type of dog might become afraid and tense because of the kid’s rough approach, with negative results. In fact, everybody in the family will unnecessarily become anxious and tense.

Another Dog In The House?

Photo by: Weldon

If you already have a dog in the house, and you want to give him a brother, it is a good idea to choose a dog breed that has a good temper so he could get along well with your family dog.

Certain dogs are kind of jealous and don’t like having “intruders” come into the house, and this becomes a detonator for constant fights. This is a very frustrating and stressing situation that can be avoided if you make the right choice.

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Want to know the best part?

A good option is to choose the same dog breed as the one you already have at home. In general, dogs of the same breed get along very well, I’m telling you this from my personal experience.

A Lot Of People In The House?

Having a big family may be stressful for a dog, if he is jealous of his territory. When the dog perceives so much movement, from one side of the house to another, he might attack some member of the family. The Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever make fantastic family pets.

What Characteristics Do You Want Your Dog To Have?

All puppies behave relatively the same way during their first year. So, it is recommendable that you choose your new pet, considering how he will behave when he grows up.


How do you get to know this? Each dog breed has a common ancestry or lineage, this means that all the dogs that belong to such breed will generally behave the same way. Thus, we can say that it is possible for us to predict how our pet will behave when he grows up.

What Kind Of Person Are You?

Do you enjoy outdoor activities?, How much free time do you have?, What kind of person makes you feel uncomfortable?, Do you tolerate dog barking?, Would you feel uncomfortable if your dog always wants to be by your side?.

These and other questions about yourself are very important because they will guide you directly to the dog breed that is compatible with your personality.

Pure Dog Breeds Or Designer Dog Breeds?

Choosing your dog breed is a very personal decision, but there are some basic guide-lines that will give you an idea of what you are looking for.

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Pure Dog breeds

Photo by: Nico Andreas

There are more that 400 pure dog breeds in the world. Each one of them was created for a specific function or purpose, such as: herding, retrieving, hunting, etc.

Though many of such breeds do not perform such tasks now-a-days, you can still perceive the interests and behavior which are characteristic of their breed.

For example, if you have a Labrador, you may see him carrying some object in his mouth ( your shoes, your paper, a dead animal ). Your Labrador will bring it to you as if it were a prize. Such behavior comes out naturally because they were bred to retrieve.

The good thing about adopting a pure dog breed

You can predict his characteristics and preferences for certain activities.

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Should also say that if you know your dog’s interests, it will be a lot easier to design and plan his training because you can please him by selecting activities to his liking.

Designer Dog Breeds

Designer Dog Breeds is the latest fashion in the Canine World. To create a designer mixed breed, breeders mate two different pure dog breeds to create a new one , a unique breed.

All of this started with the idea of creating a hypoallergenic dog , mating a Standard Poodle with a Labrador Retriever. The result was what is now known as the “Labradoodle”.

There are more than 500 designer breeds of all sizes and complexions (color, texture, general apearance ). The cost of one of these dogs may be the same or higher to that of a pure dog breed because they are designer dogs.

The problem with designer dogs is that we don’t know for sure how their temper, physical appearance, or what their interests will be like. You will get to know all of that when he grows up.

What’s the bottom line?

Take your time, think about it before getting a dog. It’s very important to ensure that you can provide him the environment he needs.

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