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Nina Alvarez

I am happy to hear you moved to New York. I think it makes sense. Hope all is well. I'm working from home, living near the beach in Florida, and doing Web 2.0 marketing for an art website. Thanks for this great site.


Nate Westheimer

Bud, I never congratulated you because I never saw this post. I never saw this post because you posted the same day we launched (launching it into a big black hole of posts I never read, but should have).

Anyway, congrats. Welcome to NYC. Make sure you do a 301 redirect to your new blog for SEO purposes. And hopefully we meet up some time.

Take care,


Paul Drago

damn you Bud. Going out and trying to make my life more difficult huh? Enjoy New York and good luck

Robert Franklin


That's great news, congrats. I grew up in NYC. It might take a bit to get used to, but it is a great place to be when you are young and single.

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