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Bud Caddell


Thanks so much for commenting here on my blog! You Rock.

First, in nooo way am I saying your suggestion compares to the illegal actions undertaken at Enron. No way.

Second, I'm incredibly, anxiously awaiting the debut of monetized twitter. How will they do it? What will the community do? It's exciting stuff.

Third, when do you think advertisers will catch up to this model and demand more than just critical mass? Will the site's owners have to work harder to create opportunities for connection, or will this stay on the advertiser's shoulders?

Again, thanks for the follow-up.


Couple of things:

1. The advice I gave was for *Twitter* which is run by a well-respected team that has a lot of access to capital and a great track record. I specificcally said this advice was for the established folks with a lot of experience.

2. The idea here is to not worry about "proving the business model" of internet advertising. You don't have to prove this any more... you just need scale. It really is that simple today on the internet: if you have a lot of traffic you'll have a lot of advertising revenue. You don't even need a sales department any more--you can use the

3. I saw the Enron doc a Sundance a couple of years back... it's amazing!

4. There is a big difference between fraud at Enron and what I'm suggesting for a specific group of entrepreneurs in a specific vertical (advertising-based internet businesses).

best j

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