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I guess I'm responsible for the "lori caddell" search term =) Too funny!

Bud Caddell

I think Online Reputation Management is just one small component of brand management. But an essential part. I'm a big believer that your brand isn't something a company owns -- its in the hands of your users -- that's why I don't say we hunt down bad reviews and erase them -- we search for instances where brand perception is different from our own, or our desired image, and open up the conversation with the customer.

But let's be clear, brand management isn't something you just decide to engage in, every day, with every way your company touches people, your brand is being formed.


Very interesting post. I find that frequently “reputation management” and “brand management” are becoming confused in the media and in the various search engine optimization blogs and forums. As more companies express an interest in managing both their brand and their reputation online, they seek out SEO companies for advice. A lot of generic SEO services don’t really understand reputation and brand management and they are, in general ill-equipped for the task.

Marketers engaged in branding seek to develop or align the expectations behind the brand experience, creating the impression that a brand associated with a product or service has certain qualities or characteristics that make it special or unique. A brand image may be developed by attributing a "personality" to or associating an "image" with a product or service, whereby the personality or image is "branded" into the consciousness of consumers. The art of creating and maintaining a brand is brand management (outward).

This is distinct and separate from reputation management, which is much more about measuring, analyzing, and responding to what other people say about you (inward).

What is your take on the difference between the two, given your own position in the market and personal experiences?

Regards, Eli Weir

Visible Technologies

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