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Dan Bassill

Thanks for the ideas. I posted this article in a community building and collaboration section of the web site I host: http://www.tutormentorconnection.org/TMLearningNetwork/LinksLibrary/tabid/560/rrcid/13/rrscid/26/rrpid/1/rrepp/20/Default.aspx

I think the challenge for anyone trying to implement these ideas is finding a volunteer or staff member who understands what you're saying, has the talent to implement the ideas, and has the time to do this on a continuous basis. Most small non profits don't have staff, or volunteers, to take this role consistently.

Hui Ling

Three-way tie between puppy dogs, rainbows and kittens.


Three-way tie between puppy dogs, rainbows and kittens.

Hannah Beck

Yours: a three-way tie between puppy dogs, rainbows and kittens.
Well, this is my first visit here but I am so glad you asked the question because there is one thing that really gets *my* goat! Every time my husband and I go out for dinner (or lunch or breakfast) we are always addressed by the waitstaff as "you guys". Now, we are grandparents 10 times over and I have all I can do to keep from strangling the perky young airhead and screaming "Do I really look like a guy to you, you moron?" That really puts a damper on my mood but ironically, it also steels me for the unruly, undisciplined tots we have yet to face as we try to dine and make conversation.


Three-way tie between puppy dogs, rainbows and kittens.

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